FreeBSD Kernel Internals:

Data Structures, Algorithms, and Networking

At HUT/Dipoli, June 2nd-5th, 2003


Dr. Marshall Kirk McKusick, Author and Consultant

Monday, June 2nd, 09:00-16:30

Morning - Kernel Overview

Afternoon - Kernel Resource Management

Tuesday, June 3rd, 09:00-16:30

Morning - Kernel I/O structure

Afternoon - File System Overview

Wednesday, June 4th, 09:00-16:30

Morning - Multiple Filesystem Support

Afternoon - Interprocess Communication

Thursday, June 5th, 09:00-16:30

Morning - Networking Implementation

Afternoon - System Tuning


Course will take place at Helsinki University of Technology (HUT) Dipoli, Otaniemi, Otakaari 24, Espoo.


Due to limited space at the venue the number of people that can attend is limited to 35.


2133 eur ( 0% VAT).
The course fee includes a copy of class notes, a copy of a textbook, course day lunches and coffees.

You can take the course also in three day format attending only the first three days (June 2nd-4th).
In this case the course fee is 1600 eur.

The textbook used in the class is
The Design and Implementation of the 4.4 BSD Operating System
by McKusick, Bostic, Karels, and Quarterman
If you already have the book, you do not need to buy a new copy. The price will be deducted from your fees.
Remember to tell whether you need a copy of the book or not at the registration time.
Otherwise you may end up receiving an extra copy.


Members of FUUG get a 10% discount of the fees shown above.

Organized by

Dipoli & FUUG


Course registrations must take place at latest on May 5th, 2003.

Members of FUUG contact Susanna Koskinen to register
either by phone +358-(0)9-5617-830 or by e-mail

Others contact Lisbeth Edlund or Sirpa Koponen (see addresses below).

Further information

Lisbeth Edlund, tel. +358-(0)9-451-5655,
Sirpa Koponen, tel. +358-(0)9-451-4620,

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